Malta - not just sun, sea & sand

Malta is a popular mediterreanean holiday island which has only recently become an EU member state. Famous for it's rich history spanning thousands of years from 3000BC right through the middle ages and World War II. You can find various museums and historical sites to visit like Prehistoric Temples, Grand Master Palaces, Fortifications, Underground Catacombs, Cathedrals, The old city of Mdina, Valletta, Roman Villas and much much more.

The southern part of Malta has, Hagar Qim Temples, Blue Grotto, Ghar Lapsi, Dingli Cliffs, Ghar Dalam, Hassan's Cave, Borg Nadur pre-historic remains, San Lucian Tower, Rinella Fort and Marasxlokk Fishing Village to name just a few!

You will actually be surprised how much there is to see on such a tiny island!

Expats mostly prefer long term accomodation in Sliema to other parts as it's a vibrant city full of bars and restaurants and a long strech of open sea and seashore...ideal for swimming! Many young gaming industry foreign employees have prefered sliema.

Our language developed through centuries of foreign occupation and the languages spoken (or enforced) on the population at the period in question...These were various: Normans (from france), The kingdom of Spain, The kingdom of Napes, the kinghts of Malta, the British, two different Arab nations and the Phencoans (now Lebanon)

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